Congratulations to all those that participated in this year’s competition! Winners will be contacted by 4-H Ontario via email.

Overall Winner - Mel K. (Peel)


  1. Garnet G. (Peel)
  2. Alexa M. (Peel)
  3. Jesse G. (Wellington)
  4. Elise S. (Peel)
  5. Victoria H. (Norfolk)


  1. Colton M. (Waterloo)
  2. Nicholas S. (South Simcoe)
  3. Emma M. Novice (Peel)
  4. Tyler K. (Waterloo)
  5. Olivia M. (Brant)


  1. Isabella C. (South Simcoe)
  2. Madelyn A. (Wellington)
  3. Trent K. (Waterloo)
  4. Ainsley B. (Wellington)
  5. Beth C. (Waterloo)


  1. Lauren I. (Wellington)
  2. Joyce LF. (Haldimand)
  3. Sierra CB (Waterloo)
  4. Alice V. (Waterloo)
  5. Madeleine C. (South Simcoe)


  1. Mel K. (Peel)
  2. Nicole F. (Peel)
  3. Allison F. (Peel)
  4. Nicole E. (Peel)
  5. Kayla E. (Peel)


  1. Robert Matson (Peel)
  2. Scott Cullen (South Simcoe)
  3. Leslie Glaspell (Durham East)
  4. Grant Cowan (South Simcoe)
  5. Joanne Elg (Perth)

Please Note:

While the competition has concluded for the year we encourage members to use the resources provided to continue to build their critical thinking and judging skills.