Why Should I Judge?

  • It gives you confidence
  • You gain a sense of accomplishment
  • You learn how to make a choice
  • Improves your memory
  • You learn to assess the positives and negatives of a situation
  • Teaches you to organize your thoughts and to think while you're talking
  • Helps you communicate your ideas clearly so others can understand
  • You learn to choose articles based on their quality, not what somebody tells you
  • You judge every day of your life (e.g. at the grocery store, selecting a herd sire, clothes you wear, what you will have for breakfast, your hair style, what jeans to buy, etc.)
  • Assists you in making network connections with professionals involved in your area of interest. (e.g. Beef, Dairy, Sewing, etc.)

Why Do I Have To Give Reasons?

You give reasons to support your placings. In other words, you explain why you placed the class the way you did. Although giving reasons can be a difficult task, they are necessary to explain your placings, as well as having other benefits:

  • You learn to become organized
  • You learn to recall an event in your mind that happened earlier
  • You learn to express your ideas clearly to others
  • You learn to speak more clearly
  • You learn to defend your decision
  • You learn to sell yourself and your ideas
  • You improve your presentation skills
  • You build confidence in yourself and your skills
  • You improve your public speaking skills

So what's this all about?

Now in its second year, the Region 3 & 4 Virtual 4-H Judging Competition provides 4-H members and other interested individuals an opportunity to participate in a judging competition similar to those previously held by clubs and associations across the province. As a key component of the 4-H program, judging combines aspects of all four 4-H Leadership Development Pillars to build critical thinking and communication skills within participants. Committee volunteers have worked with numerous community partners to develop a variety of intriguing classes for this year's competition. In addition, thanks to the generous support of numerous 4-H Associations across the regions, we're excited to again be able to award prizes to eligible participants with the five highest scores in each of the age categories. The competition runs until July 18th at midnight, so be sure to get your placings in soon!