Tips & Tricks On Judging

Guidelines for Giving Reasons

Reasons are scored out of 50 and combined with your placings score to create a score out of 100. Judging reasons can be subjective because of the differences in the official judges' expectations. Below are some ideas to keep in mind when you're giving reasons.


  • comparative
  • specific
  • thorough
  • complete


  • have an introductory statement (I place this class of ......., 3,2,1,4, or 3,2,1,4 is my placing on the class of ......)
  • identify the class completely and correctly
  • logical reasons
  • concluding statement
  • use correct terminology


  • use correct grammar
  • avoid repeating phrases

Guidelines for Marking Written Reasons

Presentation (10 Points)

  • Written confidently and convincingly
  • Uses correct grammar, phrasing and sentence structure
  • Avoids repetition
  • Avoids unacceptable words such as “good”, “better”, “best” and “nice”

Format (10 Points)

  • Introductory statement
  • Concluding statement
  • Identifies the class completely and correctly
  • Compares the 3 pairs
  • Logical and easily followed

Content (30 Points)

  • Top pair(10)
  • Middle pair (10)
  • Bottom pair (10)
  • Must Be:
    • Accurate
    • Comparative
    • Specific
    • Thorough
    • Complete

Reasons Format

Marking Scheme for Oral Reasons

Mark Criteria
  • minimum score
  • provides some form of reasons
  • may have correct format
25 - 30
  • can give at least 1 reason for placing an article over another
31 - 35
  • can give at least 2 good reasons for each placing
  • compares articles but doesn't know terms
  • can give at least 2 good reasons for each placing
  • compares articles using correct terminology
  • still using "better", "I Think", etc.
  • indicates familiarity with the type of class
  • compares articles using correct terminology with understanding
  • at least 75% of the main points that separate individuals in the class are mentioned
  • compares articles with correct terminology
  • organizes reasons making it easy for the person reading to understand
  • stresses positive reasons for placing the class
  • uses correct format
  • 90% of the main points of a class are mentioned
  • displays well organized reasons
  • shows an excellent command of terminology
  • uses correct format
  • all of the main points that separate the samples in the class are covered
  • excellent organization of reasons
  • excellent command of terminology
  • shows familiarity with this type of class
  • correct grammar
49 - 50
  • same as above
  • reasons are given as the official judge would give them

....A Few More Things to Remember About Reasons

  • You can have the class placed backwards but as long as the reasons you give are accurate and given confidently, the placings should not influence the mark for the reasons.
  • Remember, even if you are not an expert reasons giver, you will receive a score for making the effort and using the correct reasons format. Always make the effort to give reasons!