Wheat Sheaves

Class entries graciously provided by Kim Turnbull





Judging Criteria


Proportion (10) - Comparison of head and body
Stance (10) - Stands straight on self-supporting stand. Body should be an even taper from base to head


Heads of Grain (25) - Size and uniformity of heads; Freedom from disease and staining; Bright colour
Straw (15) - Freedom from disease and staining; Bright colour


Head (15) - Uniform and symmetrical in shape; Base of head should be even from every angle
Body (15) - Straw should be straight with no twists or overlaps
Decoration (10) - Tight, evenly spaced ribbon; Colour complimentary to straw

Official Placings & Reasons

Official Placing: 3 - 4 - 2 - 1

Cuts: 4 - 2 - 5

I place this class of wheat sheaves 3, 4, 2, 1

This class has an easy top and bottom placing with the center pairing much closer.

The #3 sheaf is easily the top of the class. The head is very symmetrical and evenly balanced. This sheaf has an excellent shaped taper of the body from bottom to the head and has an excellent balance between overall height and head fullness and shape. The straw is straight and is a bright colour, free from disease and discolouration. The sheaf is centered on the base and stands straight. The ribbons are tight, evenly spaced and all overlaps are in alignment.

#3 sheaf is an easy placing over #4 sheaf as to general appearance, balance and symmetry. The #3 sheaf is slightly taller and the straw is brighter than the #4 sheaf.

The #4 sheaf and the #2 sheaf is a much closer placing. Although #2 is taller, the head of #4 is more balanced and symmetrical. The straw in the body of #4 is very straight and is a brighter colour than #2 as the straw on #2 shows some discolouration. The #4 sheaf is centered on the base whereas #2 is slightly off center. The ribbons on #4 are tight and evenly spaced and the overlaps are in alignment while the ribbons on #2 are not equally spaced and the ribbon joins are not all aligned.

The #2 sheaf is an easy placement over #1, which must be placed at the bottom of the class. The #2 sheaf is much taller, and the overall shape, symmetry and balance is superior to the #1 sheaf. The ribbons on #1 are not evenly spaced, they are crooked and the joins are not even. The #1 sheaf needs to be tied tighter and the ribbons could be a more suitable colour that contrasts better to the straw. The sheaf is extremely off centered on the base and has a slight lean. The head of #1 is not symmetrical or balanced, the straw of the body is twisted but is a very bright colour.

For these reasons, I place this class of wheat sheaves 3, 4, 2, 1.