Milking Water Buffalo





Judging Criteria


  • Mammary system includes fore and rear udder and teats
  • Well balanced and roomy udder
  • Fore udder well attached to the body with gentle slope and length
  • Teats of an average length and square under the quarters
  • Rear udder wide and high attachment
  • Median suspensory ligament should be strong showing definitive divisions of halfs (due to the fact that the udder is the same colour as the body, it may be hard to see)


  • Large frame, height, body length, body capacity, chest height and heart girth
  • Impressive style to the breed and carriage
  • Well balanced body, with strength
  • Strong straight back
  • Long, well sprung fore rib and wide chest floor


  • Well rounded feet with deep heel
  • Flat and strong leg bones
  • Fore legs should be straight and wide apart
  • Rear legs nearly straight with slight curve from hock to pasterns


  • Long and wide rump
  • Tail head gentle slope from hip to pins
  • Wide pins
  • Hips should be wide and slightly higher than the pins

Additional Info

The parts of a milking water buffalo are the same as dairy cow however dairy character is not as important in milking water buffalo.

Official Placings & Reasons

Official Placing: 1 - 2 - 4 - 3

Cuts: 1 - 2 - 4

I place this class of mature milking water buffalo 1, 2 4 and 3

I place 1 at the top of this class; she is the most balanced animal in this class for her height, length and stature.

I place 1 over 2 mainly on her size. She has correct length and height of body, has very desirable feet and legs, and a decent mammary system.

I place 2 over 4 as she has a much cleaner mammary system, for and rear, stringer through the chest floor, deeper chest height, has desirable slope of rump and wide pin set.

I place 4 over 3 mainly on her correctness of feet and legs, length of body, excellent fore udder attachment and correct teat placement.

I place 3 last. She lacks the quality of rear udder, feet and legs - granted she is the most mature looking animal in this class.

So for these reasons I place this class of mature milking water buffalo 1,2,4, and 3